Swaran Chahal (2nd from Left) Pictured at the Gallagher Lake Village Park Development in the Fall of 2015. Also pictured is the Head Contractor, Keith Eliason and his wife, Brenda Eliason. The RCMP officer (retired) and Gallagher Lake Village Park Resident pictured far right is Peter Thompson.

Gallagher Lake Village Park is owned by a partnership headed by local farmer, Swaranjit Chahal and his family. Swaran, as his friends call him, has spearheaded the development planning and site design for the Gallagher Lake Village Park. Swaran has been involved in the real estate development, design and building process since the early 1990’s in the Oliver area. At Gallagher Lake Village Park, Swaran is the current park manager, and is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the park. Recently, Swaran’s sons, have teamed up with their father as Operation Assistants at Gallagher Lake Construction. Swaran is on site at the Park on a daily basis so don’t ever hesitate to say ‘Hello’ as they would love to meet you and tell you more about the development.

Park Management is not where Swaran’s job ends. They are involved in the building process of your home as they are responsible for site design and home layout, Regional District Permitting, Home Ordering and Build Timing. Together, the Chahal Family are a highly effective team that strives to make their new homes ‘ Number 1’.

Gallagher Lake Village Park is proud to be 100% Canadian. All of our homes are locally sourced by Moduline Canada in Penticton, BC approximately 35 minutes north of the development. Walter Fonthina, Sales Director at Moduline works closely with Swaran and Sunny to create some of the most beautiful, structurally superior, modern and affordable modular homes that have been offered for sale in the South Okanagan.